Are rangefinders legal on the PGA & LIV golf tours?

Rangefinder can be one of the most helpful instruments in golf as they can give accurate distance measurements to the hole. But are rangefinders legal on the PGA & Liv golf tours? The PGA recently made rules allowing professional golfers to use rangefinders in tournaments and competitions for measuring distances. Despite this, some golfers still prefer conventional methods such as a yardage book or measuring with a club or by pacing off steps. It is up to the individual to decide which method works best for them when playing. Rangefinders have been used for many year by almost all professional golfers in practice rounds, to properly assess yardages, and make notes of slope changes outside of tournament play. More than 90% of PGA Tour players use a Bushnell Rangefinder, which is also the top rangefinder on our list of best golf rangefinders

Can pro golfers use a rangefinder?

Professional golfers are allowed to use laser rangefinders in competitive PGA championships, but some still prefer conventional methods. The PGA has set rules for its use, as it can give players an advantage over others who may not have access to the technology or who may not be able to accurately estimate distances without it. Rangefinders provide an accurate reading of the distance between players and the hole, and allow them to quickly measure yardages from multiple points on the course. However, to clarify, the PGA and PGA Tour are different organizations. Rangefinders are NOT allowed in PGA Tour events, however, professional events led by the PGA, such as the PGA Championship, rangefinders with slope disabled have been allowed.

When did the PGA allow rangefinders?

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) has allowed the use of laser rangefinders in competition since 2014. This change was made to allow players to measure true distance from the hole, as it is a skill that should not be limited. The new Rules of Golf introduced in 2019 also allow golfers to use laser rangefinders alongside GPS units.

Rangefinders were initially banned in competition due to them eliminating the challenge of a player having to determine the distance they needed to hit their ball. Calculating exact yardages was believed to be a skill that could affect the outcome of a competition, and there was also a belief that if rangefinders were allowed, they would provide an unfair advantage to players who had them and a disadvantage to those who did not. However, with advances in technology and improved accuracy and distance sharing, the PGA decided it was time for rangefinders to be allowed in competition.

Slope Disabled Rule

Rangefinders are allowed on the PGA and LIV golf tours this year, as long as they do not have the slope function enabled. Rangefinders can help golfers get an accurate reading of distances between them and the hole, but they must be used responsibly.

Some Exceptions to the Rules

In some exceptions, the USGA and R&A have established a local rule that allows golfers to use rangefinders for measuring distances on the course, as long as any additional features such as swing measuring, club suggestion and communication with swing coaches are disabled.

LIV Golf allowed rangefinders in Miami

Rangefinders, devices that measure distances with lasers and GPS units, are allowed in more and more professional golf tournaments, including the upcoming championship event in Miami by LIV Golf. Rangefinders can help players accurately measure distances on the field, making informed decisions and ultimately improving their performance.

Rangefinders allowed at PGA Championship

Rangefinders have become legal in the PGA Championship, with certain rules being applied to ensure that they are only used for distance measurement. As more players become comfortable using them, rangefinders will become a popular part of competitive golf. Some brands are offering incentives such as $25,000 to get people to use their devices. Check out our list of the best rangefinders you can buy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a rangefinder in Liv Golf?

Yes, rangefinders are quite prevalent on the course during professional events such as Liv Golf. They are not a breach of the rules but rather a helpful tool. It is a common sight to see pros and their caddies with a rangefinder, scanning the course and calculating distances, as it helps them make better strategy decisions for their play. So, for any professional event you happen to be following, like The PGA Tour, Liv Golf, or the PGA Championship, don’t be surprised if you see a rangefinder in a pro’s hands. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with all the latest golf news and results, and a reliable source for this is FanSided’s golf hub.

Are you allowed to use a rangefinder on the PGA Tour?

No, The use of Laser rangefinders, otherwise known as distance measuring devices (DMDs), is currently prohibited on the PGA Tour as well as other men’s Major tournaments. However, there is an exception in the case of the PGA Championship. In the PGA Championship, golfers are allowed to use these devices to measure distances. This can lead to confusion for fans and players, as the rules differ by tournament, but it also adds a unique strategic element to the PGA Championship.

Can you use rangefinders in USGA events?

Well, it depends on the event. According to the USGA, rangefinders are allowed in specific competitions like the U.S. Amateur and the U.S. Junior Amateur. It’s worth noting, however, that even though golfers and their caddies can use these devices to measure distance, the slope function, which calculates changes in elevation along with the distance, is not permitted. On the other hand, in all of the Open championships players cannot use rangefinders. So, the usage of rangefinders does change depending on the context of the event.

Why are rangefinders allowed at PGA Championship 2023?

In the wonderful world of golf, it seems the allowance of rangefinders at the PGA Championship 2023 is primarily due to their positive impact on the speed of play. Harrington suggests that using rangefinders to work out yardages has notably increased the pace of play at certain events. There are situations where players find themselves in unexpected spots on the course, where yardages are not usually marked. In these instances, the use of rangefinders can be incredibly beneficial. They provide an accurate measurement and thus, allows golfers to make optimal decisions without slowing down the game for everybody else.

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