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Drivers are often the most innovative and talked about club in a golfer’s bag. If you are a beginner at golf it can sometimes be overwhelming to know what the best brands are and how to know if a club is right for you. Luckily the experts at have compiled a list of the best new and previous driver models that are perfect for beginners and every budget.

#1 Callaway Rogue ST Max ($549) – Best driver for beginners

The Callaway Rogue ST Max was built for max distance and forgiveness. This driver is my number one pick for “best driver for beginners” because it was by far the most stable driver we tested, combined with great distance and feel. If I had a buddy that just started playing golf and he asked me which driver he should buy, it would undoubtedly be the Rogue ST Max.

#2 Ping G425 Max ($549) – Best design driver for beginners

Beautifully designed matte black club head with an adjustable 26-gram tungsten weight for forgiveness. I love the Ping G425 Max on this list because you feel confident standing over the ball, the club head has such a large profile it feels like it would be hard to miss the ball. Couple that with an aerodynamic design and high moment of inertia (MOI), the G245 Max is an unbelievably lethal driver for the newbie golfer.

#3 Cobra LTDx Max ($499) – Best forgiveness driver for beginners

The LTDx line up from Cobra impressed me upon testing. They certainly looked better than any Cobra driver I had hit before and they were longer too. Now, the LTDx Max is the most forgiving driver in that lineup, and that is why it has made it on this list. At $499, this driver is slightly cheaper than its competitors, making it a tough contender

#4 Cleveland Launcher XL ($399) – Best value driver for beginners

The Cleveland Launcher XL is a really good looking driver with a large sweet spot. It made the 2022 Golfer’s Digest “Hot List”, so it certainly is no pushover. I thought it was very easy to get in the air, and very consistent in terms of spin numbers. The Launcher XL is by far the cheapest new model driver on this list, and definitely deserves some recognition.

Budget alternatives:

We understand that most people who are just getting into the game don’t want to spend $500+ on a driver, so for your wallets convenience we put together some “budget alternatives”, for driver models that are still great in performance but currently on sale.

#5 Callaway Mavrik ($299) 

A driver with this performance at this price is mindblowing. When the Callaway Mavrik came out, it was one of the longest drivers on the market. It has a classic Callaway head shape, sounds great, and gave impressively consistent performance numbers. If I had to pick a distance driver for under $300, this would be the one.

#6 PXG 0811 XF Gen4 (was $529 now $299)

The PXG 0811 XF Gen4 was voted as one of the best drivers of 202, and for good reason. PXG’s Gen4 technology allows for exceptional forgiveness and distance. This driver was also one of the best looking drivers of 2021, and at more than 40% off retail price, it surely won’t disappoint.

#7 Taylormade M4 ($299)

I’m a sucker for Taylormade drivers, year in and year out, they consistently manage to produce a top-selling driver that checks all the boxes, and the M4 was no exception. Taylormade’s twist face technology provides a corrective ball flight on off-center hits, and the sound from this driver is just awesome. Taylormade is also notorious for having the some of the highest-priced drivers on the market, but if you wait a year or two, you can get a deal like this one.

Our Conclusion

All that being said, you need to remember that the biggest factor for consistent and longer golf shots has a lot to do with the swing. As a new golfer, educate yourself on the mechanics of the golf swing and the most important specifications of a driver: the shaft flex, and loft of the club. My recommendation for most beginner golfers is a shaft flex of “regular” (unless you swing the club faster than 95mph) and a loft around 10.5 degrees or higher for increased launch angle.

What is the best driver for beginners?

Our number one pick for the best driver for beginners is the Callaway Rogue ST Max due to its amazing combination of distance, launch, and forgiveness, making it perfect for any beginner or high-handicapper.

What is moment of intertia (MOI)?

Moment of inertia refers to how resistant an object is to twisting. If a driver has a high MOI, it means that it is more resistant to twisting, meaning that it will be more stable through impact and will produce more consistent shots.

How do I choose a driver?

The most important part of choosing any club in golf is the type of shaft (flex, weight, etc.) and the loft. Modern technology in the newer drivers mentioned in this article can play a part in gaining a few extra yards or correcting mishits, however, the having the correct set up in your driver will determine spin, ball speed, direction, and more. We always recommend getting fitted for your equipment (especially the driver) to be able to play to your fullest potential, and get the most out of your swings. That being said, for a beginner some of the general rules that would apply when choosing a driver would be to start by using a driver that is fairly stock (regular/stiff shaft, around 10.5 degrees of loft, and weight setting at neutral). From there you can make adjustments according to how you hit the ball and where your mishits tend to be.

What is the best driver brand?

There is no single best driver brand, since everyone has preferences in looks and feel. However, among PGA Tour players, currently the most used driver brand is Titleist, with Taylormade coming in a close second. Among the average consumer, Taylormade sells the most drivers of any golf brand worldwide, likely due to branding, endorsements, as well as overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a driver that’s suitable for beginners?

When you’re new to golf, choosing a driver can be complex and somewhat overwhelming. But here’s a pro tip: always choose a driver with a higher loft. In my early golfing days, I noticed that a higher lofted driver helped me cover more distance. The reason is pretty straightforward, most beginners lack the swing speed to get the maximum distance from a low lofted driver. So the higher loft not only helps in achieving a greater distance but also builds confidence as you see your ball covering more ground, and this does wonders for your game!

What Titleist driver is the most suitable for a beginner?

In my experience, I have come across many drivers, but the Titleist TSR1 stands out as a great choice for beginners. Its lightweight design helps newbies get a feel for the club without straining their muscles. This is the same driver I recommended to my nephew when he took an interest in golf, and it worked well for him. I must add a caveat; compared to the TSi1, the TSR1 may lack some tech features. However, if you are a newbie looking for considerable forgiveness in your swings, I would recommend the faithful TSR2. Remember, it’s not all about the tech prowess, what matters the most is the feel and control you have over your driver.

What is the appropriate loft driver for a high handicapper?

Broadly speaking, if you’re a high-handicap golfer (like I was in my initial years!), it’s advisable to use a driver with a loft of around 10.5°. During my coaching years, this loft angle came as a revelation to many high handicappers who were struggling with their consistency in getting the ball airborne. It was a life-saver for many, enabling them to refine their swings and improve their game over time.

Which Callaway epic driver would be the best for high handicappers?

Having tested several drivers on golfers with varying skill levels, I found that the Callaway Epic Max Driver works exceptionally well for mid-to-high handicaps. What sets this driver apart is its impressive level of forgiveness, something high handicappers often struggle to find in common drivers. Seeing the impact it made on their game was almost epic! So, from my personal experience and expertise, I can confidently assert that the Callaway Epic Max Driver would make a fine choice if you’re seeking to improve your game.

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