Best Golf Rangefinder (2023)

Having a rangefinder can be one of the best investments you make in terms of golf equipment. Knowing the exact distance to the pin and having a better understanding of elevation change and how that effects your distances, can save you 3-5 shots or more per round. Rangefinders can also be one of the most expensive elements of a golfers equipment, and that is why it is important to make the right choice, when buying a rangefinder, to ensure that you have the most accurate, and longest lasting option on the market. Our expert team at AllBirdies has compiled a list of the best golf rangefinders that money can buy.

Bushnell XE Pro

Bushnell Pro XE

Bushnell makes the best rangefinders in golf, hands down. Now I know that other competitors are starting to creep up, but in the case of the Pro XE, this is still the best rangefinder on the market. There’s no fluff with the Pro XE, you get what you pay for: top-notch optics, 7x magnification, high-quality rubber armored metal housing, and all the best features from slope switch to pin seeker with jolt visual technology. This rangefinder is for the golfer who prefers quality over quantity and only buys the best brands.
Garmin Approach Z82

Garmin Approach Z82

The Garmin Approach Z82 rangefinder doesn’t just look modern and advanced, it is probably the most advanced rangefinder I have ever used. That being said, it is also the most accurate, with the ability to measure to within 10 inches of the flag! This is no ordinary rangefinder… it has a built in GPS with over 41,000 golf courses pre-loaded, which allows you to get a 2-D layout of each course. I was absolutely blown away by the accuracy and information that you get from this one rangefinder, it feels almost like you have an electronic caddie who is able to map out the entire course and give you distances to the pin, front of the green, back of the green, and more. To top it off, how good does this thing look? I would coin the Garmin Approach Z82 as the “Tesla of Rangefinders” (including the hefty price tag).
Precision Pro R1

Precision Pro R1

I loved testing the Precision Pro R1, this rangefinder looks great, feels great, and has some awesome features. Precision Pro refers to this as a “smart rangefinder”, meaning that it has the ability to do more than just measure your distance and slope. The Pro R1 has bluetooth connectivity and gives you a distance based on laser, slope adjustment, wind adjustment, GPS, and MySlope data (a combination of unique player ball data and environmental variables). That may sound a little too sophisticated, however, I got used to it very quickly and very much appreciated the additional calculations involved for a more accurate measurement. The Precision Pro R1 is a good middle ground between the quality and simplicity of the Bushnell XE and the advanced technology of the Garmin Approach Z82, and for a fraction of their respective retail price.
Best Alternatives
Precision Pro NX10

Precision Pro NX10

The Precision Pro NX10 is currently one of my favorite rangefinders under $300, due to its customizability. Precision Pro has created a rangefinder that is super accurate, includes slope and pulse vibration, and allows you to customize the outside of the rangefinder. It’s durable, has a magnetic cart grip and it’s fully tournament legal.
Best Alternatives
BlueTees Series 3 Max

BlueTees Series 3 Max

I’m sure you’ve seen a BlueTees advertisement at some point, and the company has recently come out with the new Series 3 Max. BlueTees makes a great rangefinder that rivals Bushnell’s Tour V5 and V5 shift, and the Series 3 Max brings some serious competition. It features all of the must-haves such as pin-lock with pulse vibration, magnetic cart grip, adaptive slope switch, and more. It ranges up to 900 yards, has 7x magnification, and the best part is you get all of this for $100 less than a Bushnell. Personally, I like the black finish better than the blue because the chrome rim on the end makes it look cheap.

Our Verdict

When it comes to rangefinders, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to looks, and everyone has their own budget. At AllBirdies, we try to give you the most unbiased reviews, but always give you options to stay within your budget. We believe that Bushnell still holds the title for making the best rangefinder in golf, backed by a strong brand, Tour backing, and 2-year warranty. If you are looking for the most technologically advanced and feature-rich rangefinder, the Garmin Approach Z82 is mind-blowing and gives you all the data you need to become more accurate from tee to green. For those looking for the best rangefinders in a price point below our Top 3 picks, our recommended alternatives are sure to fit the bill!

Frequently Asked Questions

What range finders do the pros use?

Professional golf players on the PGA Tour tend to rely on the top-tier equipment to help them at their game, and this program also extends to their choice of rangefinders. The pick of the pack amongst these industry experts is the renowned Bushnell Pro X3. Acclaimed to be the pinnacle of laser rangefinder technology around the globe, it provides an edge to players in terms of accuracy, usability, and overall performance. Here, the difference isn’t just about brand recognition, but it’s about tangible improvement in the game.

Who makes the best rangefinder?

Answer cannot be provided without the original context of the answer.

What rangefinder do military snipers use?

When it comes to precision, reliability and efficiency, every piece of equipment matters for military personnel, particularly those performing critical tasks such as snipers. For long-range target acquisition and tracking, the Marine Corps uses a specific type of compact laser rangefinder that can be easily mounted on a rifle. This little but mighty tool optimizes the lethality and field capabilities of the Marine infantry squads, giving them a critical advantage during tactical operations. From personal experience, having a reliable range finder can make a substantial difference in successful mission execution.

Are expensive range finders worth it?

The technology behind rangefinders involves sending a laser to a target and then measuring the time it takes for that laser to bounce back. This travel time is then utilized to calculate the exact distance of the target. Quite impressive, isn’t it? However, this breakthrough technology doesn’t come cheap, and you get what you pay for. In my experience, if precision is what you’re after in your golf rangefinding, then splurging a little on a good quality model from a recognized brand is definitely worth the investment. Watch your handicap improve dramatically with the precision of a top-quality rangefinder.

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