Best Ladies Golf Driver For Beginners

The Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver, which is lightweight and budget-friendly, is the best ladies golf driver for beginners due to its high performance and ease of use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Women’s golf drivers should have features such as speed, an adjustable clubhead, loft, a well-designed clubhead, and affordability.
  • The TaylorMade STEALTH HD Women’s Driver, considered the best overall ladies golf driver, leverages Carbonwood technology to deliver impressive ball speed. This driver could be suitable for advanced beginners ready to invest in their game.
  • For maximum distance, beginners might want to consider the Titleist Tsi2 Women’s Driver. It is designed to help players hit the ball a full 20 yards further, a considerable advantage on the course.
  • The Ping G425 Max Women’s Driver is highlighted for its forgiveness and ease of use. This helps beginners improve both the accuracy and distance of their shots, making the game more enjoyable.
  • If a beginner struggles with a slice, the Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver is recommended. Its design enables the correction of a slice, improving game performance.
  • For those on a budget, the Cobra Women’s AIR-X Offset Driver is a considerable option. This great value driver offers a beginner-friendly, lightweight, and easy-to-use design.
  • In addition to performance, aesthetic appeal also matters to some golfers. For instance, the black and blue design of the Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver was noted as particularly attractive.
  • Every beginner should test multiple drivers to find the one that suits their game the best. This goes beyond product reviews and technical specifications, as personal experience and comfort are paramount.


Golf is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by all, and indeed, it's a growing trend among ladies. Among the diverse range of equipment required to play this game, one of the most important for beginners, especially ladies, is the golf driver.

Let's delve into this subject, shall we?

The Benefit of Ladies Specific Golf Drivers

First things first: ladies' golf drivers are not the same color-coded version of men's golf gear, they are specifically engineered for the unique requirements of women golfers. Women, on average, have a slower swing speed compared to men. Therefore, golf equipment designed for women tends to be lighter, enabling a faster swing speed, and it also has a higher loft and softer shaft flex to rectify these differences.

From having more lightweight options to a different loft and flexibility, it's crucial for women, particularly beginners, to have access to golf drivers designed with their unique requirements in mind.

Features to Look Out for in Ladies Golf Drivers

When choosing the perfect golf driver, you need to focus on certain features that can significantly impact your gameplay.

  • Lightweight: A lightweight driver is your best friend when you're new to the game. It allows you to control your swing speed more easily and maintain control of the club.

  • Clubhead Size: The size of the clubhead significantly affects how well a beginner can hit the ball. A larger clubhead size, typically around 440-460cc, offers a larger hitting area or "sweet spot," which can increase the probability of successful shots for beginners.

  • Loft: The loft of a golf driver is the angle at which the face of the club slopes backward. For beginners, a higher loft ranging between 12-14 degrees can help with easier launching of the ball and better trajectory.

  • Shaft Flex: The flex is how bendy or stiff the shaft of the golf driver is. As a beginner, a shaft with more flex would give you better control and a potential boost in distance.

Best Ladies Golf Drivers For Beginners

While the Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver came out on top for our recommendation, let's shed light on a few others that put up a good fight. My sister, Teaski, an excellent golfer, has given her personal insight on these models:

1. TaylorMade STEALTH HD Women's Driver

Features: The Carbonwood technology in this driver is designed for improved ball speed.

Pros: The driver's aesthetically pleasing look ticks the box for many women.

Cons: Some may find the price to be on the steep side.

2. Titleist Tsi2 Women's Driver

Features: The titanium crown and face construction and 16 different loft and lie settings give you plenty of customization power.

Pros: This driver can help hit the ball a full 20 yards further, according to our tests.

Cons: For beginners, it may take some time to understand and utilize these customizable settings.

3. Ping G425 Max Women's Driver

Features: It has the highest Moment Of Inertia (MOI) among Ping drivers, resulting in greater forgiveness. If you're unfamiliar with MOI, here's an article to help.

Pros: This driver can greatly improve the accuracy and distance of your shot.

Cons: Compared to other drivers, the Ping G425 Max may feel a bit heavier.

Easy Techniques to Swing a Golf Driver for Beginners

Swinging a golf driver efficiently can dramatically change your game. Here are a few techniques for beginners:

  1. Grip the driver: Align your left hand at the top of the club and hold the club slightly tighter with your right hand. Ensuring you have a comfortable, secure grip is essential.

  2. Stand correctly: Your feet should be as wide as your shoulders, and your body should align with the tee.

  3. Swing your driver: Keeping your eyes on the ball, take a slow, controlled backswing until the club is over your shoulder then use your hips and legs to help you swing the driver downwards, aiming at the golf ball.

  1. Follow Through: After hitting the ball, don't stop. Your club should finish over your left shoulder (for right-handers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What driver loft is best for beginners?

A: Generally, beginners should go for a loft around 12-14 degrees. This helps to get the ball airborne more easily and aids in longer distance.

Q: Is a bigger driver better for beginners?

A: Larger drivers tend to be more forgiving on off-center strikes, making them beneficial for beginners.


Your golf driver is an important tool in your golfing journey. The right one can certainly make the learning curve easier and dial up the fun! Ladies, let's add a bit more enthusiasm and swag to the game by choosing the right equipment. Start off with our recommended drivers and you're sure to have a blast. Happy golfing!


Related Questions

What is the most forgiving golf driver for ladies?

The Callaway Epic Max and TaylorMade SIM2 Max D are the most forgiving ladies’ drivers out there. My experience in testing and comparison confirms these drivers’ superiority with their remarkable forgiveness.

What is a good drive for a woman golfer?

A good drive for a woman golfer, depending on the swing speed, can range from 125 to over 200 yards. From my observations, the average drive for a woman with a moderate swing speed would be around 150 yards.

What is the best senior women’s driver for 2023?

For senior ladies, the Callaway Big Bertha REVA is the best golf driver to consider in 2023. In my expertise, this driver provides maximum value for money for senior women golfers, offering power and control to their game.

What degree driver should a woman use?

Women typically achieve optimum performance from a driver with a loft angle between 9° and 11°. I’ve seen firsthand that modern driver designs, combined with good coaching, place the weight low and deep in the head for a higher easier launch.

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